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Finding the best study visa consultants is like searching for a unicorn in the forest of pricks. The major role of visa consultants is to assist students while making decisions to study abroad. We have performed all the leg work for you and embellished the top-notch visa consultants of Jalandhar on our website. The city of Jalandhar is well-known for its immigration consultants. Thousands of people from the Jalandhar region are non-resident Indians who have used the services of an immigration counsellor headquartered in Jalandhar at some point. If you’re thinking about moving overseas on a student visa or a permanent immigration visa, you should speak with a professional immigration agent in Jalandhar.

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We gathered information about study visa consultants in Jalandhar from top ratings of Just Dial Listings and updated it on our website without any changes. The ratings, reviews, and listing information are all even-handed.

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We have arranged the listings with meticulous details of the study visa consultants in Jalandhar by providing contact information. This allows students to swiftly traverse the website of selected visa consultants.

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Visa consultancy is more of a business than a service, therefore it is critical to select a legitimate and reputable consultant that can answer all of your inquiries and charges reasonable rates for visa and other application expenses. If you are looking for an immigration agent in Jalandhar, we recommend that you hire the finest. You may look through this list of Jalandhar immigration experts and make a selection based on your needs:

S. No. Consultant Name Phone Number Email
1 RS Global Immigration 070509 70509 [email protected]
2 Pyramid eServices 092563 92563 [email protected]
3 CAAN World Consultants 092163 10310 [email protected]
4 Cambridge International Academy 9217241111 Not Available
5 Gurukul Global Services 08872095959 [email protected]
6 IBT Overseas Services 08677812345 [email protected]
7 Panache Immigration 08556085550 [email protected]
8 North Visa Consultants 7719551014 [email protected]
9 Career Disha Immigration 09023148148 [email protected]
10 Dream 2 Destination Consultancy 09141460000 Not Available

Countries Covered

Here is the list of countries for which we provide study visa consultants in Jalandhar.

Canada Study Visa Consultants in Jalandhar

What kind of thoughts mushroom in your mind when you think about Canada? Is it superstars like Jim Carrey, Justin Beiber or perhaps Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds? Is it the maple syrup, which can be used in a variety of baked dishes and taffy, for which people have been thanking Canada for aeons? Or you admire Canada for its top-class education. Yes, you read it right ! Canada is among the topmost countries that is proficient in catering excellent education. So, why not choose it for pursuing higher education? Some of the best study visa consultants in Jalandhar can help you in fulfilling your dream of getting education from world-class universities of Canada.

Australia Study Visa Consultants in Jalandhar

Australia is more than just a kangaroo paradise. It is a kaleidoscope of cultural influences. The abundance of cultures not only allows you to venture outside of your typical comfort zone and try something new, but it also allows you to feel at home in a multicultural environment. Apart from all this, you’ll get to savor marvelous education at prominent universities in Australia. You can easily boost your career prospects in Australia. It’s no wonder that Australia’s universities are among the best in the world, since they provide a wide range of degrees. So, pursue higher education in Australia by seeking the guidance from the best immigration consultants in Jalandhar.

UK Study Visa Consultants in Jalandhar

International students flock to the UK, which is the world’s second most popular English-speaking destination. You’ll be better prepared for future success after graduating, if you choose to pursue higher studies in the UK. With origins dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries, the United Kingdom (UK) is home to some of the world’s oldest institutions and colleges. Education in the United Kingdom has been a model for other countries as a result of its great heritage. You can relish superior quality education at Universities of the United Kingdom. Are you incognizant regarding how to attain education in the UK? Put your worries aside, some of the reputable study visa consultants can help you with that.

Europe Study Visa Consultants in Jalandhar

Europe is one of the most preferred study destinations by Indian students. It is home to several of the world’s top universities. Within Europe, cross-border collaborations have established a powerful international academic community that performs cutting-edge research. Tuition costs at most public institutions in Europe are relatively inexpensive when compared to nations such as Canada and Australia. In many European nations, there are no tuition costs at all – university education is free! So, waiting for what? Enroll yourself in European University with the help of ideal study visa consultants in Jalandhar.

New Zealand Study Visa Consultants in Jalandhar

We all know New Zealand is a stunning nation, but there’s a lot more to it than its breathtaking scenery. It is quickly becoming one of the top choices for Indian students looking to study abroad. New Zealand has a lot to offer, including a superb education system, globally recognised degrees, numerous research possibilities, and an unrivalled quality of life. You can expect a warm and inviting community with a strong support structure for foreign students while studying here. If you want to pursue your higher studies in this country, some of the best study visa consultants can lend you a helping hand.

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Are you still confused about which visa consultant you should choose in Jalandhar? Let’s dive into every meticulous detail about all Visa Consultants in Jalandhar one by one. Every listing will contain detail about the consultant’s basic introduction, physical address, contact number, fee structure, inside images, and much more.

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Role of Study Visa Consultant in the Visa Process

Reasons to Choose Best Study Visa Consultant in Jalandhar

Many students plan to study abroad just to broaden their horizons. It becomes important to seek valuable guidance and information related to countries and universities located there. To make the right decision, study visa consultants come forward to help you. An overseas education consultant plays an essential role in guiding students in completing their document work and visa application in an easy and painless way.

Some of the splendid services of the study visa consultants in Jalandhar include:

  • Expert Advice: After reviewing your profile, the consultants will be able to offer you information on significant criteria such as which nation you are qualified for, which university is best for you, whether you are eligible for scholarships, what your total cost will be and so on.
  • Career Guidance: Counseling allows you to scrutinize your skills and talents. Educational counselors can advise you on what is ideal for you since they are familiar with industry trends in other countries and how after completing your degree, you may grab suitable opportunities in your field.
  • Packages for Visa and Coaching: Any overseas education consulting firm will go to great lengths to ensure that its students have all they require under one roof. Students do not need to rush from one consultation to the next in order to complete tasks. Taking the IELTS exam via the consultant where you wish to apply for a study visa can provide you with a piece of mind and an estimate of the score you’ll need to get into your preferred university.
  • Assistance with Finances: Studying abroad is costly since students must pay for college tuition, meals, lodging, travel expenses, books, and stationery, among other things. A scholarship is a form of financial help given to a student who fits the scholarship criteria established by a donor or an institution. A small percentage of students are offered grants or scholarships on tuition expenses by foreign colleges. Education advisors in other countries assist students in obtaining low-interest education loans from banks and financial institutions.
  • Help You for Accommodation: The majority of colleges and universities provide on-campus housing for students. Students can book campus accommodations with the aid of foreign education advisors. Some students who choose alternate accommodations since a hostel may be more expensive than a paying guest lodging must make such arrangements on their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Best Study Visa Consultants in Jalandhar

Applying for a study visa is not a cup of tea for everyone. This is why you need to choose your visa consultant wisely. Here are some FAQs that you must read before proceeding further.

The major role of study visa consultants is to assist students with finding the most appropriate country and college. They guide the students through the whole study visa process.

International students are required to obtain study visas for taking admission in foreign universities/colleges.

Yes, you’ll get complete guidance for accommodation. Study Visa consultants help them find the cheapest accommodation while studying abroad.

Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand are the most preferred countries that students choose to pursue higher studies.

A world-class education will assist you in effectively shaping your career in the global economy. An international qualification is acknowledged all across the world. Studying abroad allows you to network with people from all around the world and work for multinational corporations.

Education loans, individual/organizational sponsorship, scholarships from Indian/foreign governments, private trusts, and particular universities are all options for funding your study abroad.

If an institution rejects your application, you can reapply with more supporting papers for a programme that matches your profile at the same institution or choose an alternate choice at another university that matches your profile.

During their vacations, most countries enable students to visit their home country. You will be able to visit your home during your study period if you hold a multiple entry visa.

After successfully completing their studies, most countries allow students to stay back and explore professional opportunities. Coops and internships help students network and find jobs after they finish their studies.

All western countries expect their students to be fluent in english language to understand their study programs. Therefore, every student willing to study abroad is required to clear english proficiency courses like IELTS, PTE or TOEFL.

In most countries, they allow students to take their classes online from India. They can continue their studies without any interruption.

In most countries, they allow students to take their classes online from India. They can continue their studies without any interruption.